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How To Boost Your Home Based Business Sales In 2006

Here are three easy to execute tips to boost your home based business sales in 2006

1. Develop a cut and dry marketing calendar to establish "what" you actually propose to offer your prospects, "when" you propose to offer your product or service and "how" you intend to offer it. Will your marketing campaign use a well-targeted email campaign, direct mail campaign, google ad campaign, a website based sales letter or a promotional product. To achieve the best results for your homebased business you should consider a combination of all these marketing ideas. Using a promotional item to follow up with a direct mail campaign will increase your response results dramatically.

2. You could have the best service at the best price, but if it does not appeal to your target audience your marketing efforts will be insignificant and your results will be non-existent. As a home based business owner you must ensure you are directing your advertising and marketing campaigns to an audience that has an interest in your product or service. If you are offering a home based business opportunity, be sure you are targeting those looking to make money while they work from home.

3. What most home business marketers do not realize is that is takes 7 to 9 times for most prospects to take action. So you cannot expect to broadcast emails to your subscribers just once and see a significant sales gain. Producing one direct mail piece with only one custom personalized promotional item will not be as effective as exposing your product or service 7 consecutive times. With the average person seeing or hearing 10,000 different marketing messages through a week's time - you must repeat your efforts over and over to Boost Your Home Based Business Sales In 2006.

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