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Having an appropriate home business office is just as important as your business itself. Many factors affect how you approach your work at home business including distractions, proper office equipment and the overall environment of your business office. Setting up your home business office properly may not seem like it's really necessary, but try to picture how your office at work is set-up. Other than the fact that you may hate your job, your office is probably well organized, open and contains all the necessary equipment to perform your job effectively.

A carpenter would not arrive at your house to perform a remodel without bringing any of his/her tools would they? Of course not. Thus, your home business office should have all the tools necessary to operate a profitable business.

Place your office in a strategic location of the house. Placing it next to the baby's room upstairs or in the dining room are not appropriate places. Your chosen location should be free of all distractions like a washer/dryer, kids playing a dishwasher or a TV. (Taking time out to watch "Friends" while you work is not productive). Have the attitude that you work from home, not at home. Hibernating is fine for bears, but not for people. Go out to make new contacts and keep old ones alive as well. Particularly if you're a naturally reserved person, remember that your home's a base, not a permanent place.

Keep your office organized. Everyone has their own way to organize, but whatever you do, make sure that office supplies are readily available to you when you need to use them. Get furniture sized for home offices instead of standard office furniture. A number of furniture companies are manufacturing special home-office lines. Smaller furniture is better adapted to the entryways and available space in most homes. Supply your home office with a computer, printer, adding machine, telephone, pens, pencils, paper and possibly a fax. Get a comfortable chair for your desk. A cheap chair may save you some money in the short term, but remember, your mind will continue to work only as long as the rear-end can endure.

Your home office should also have plenty of natural and artificial light. Make sure there is a decent window in your selected room. (A pleasant view would be nice!). Place a light on your desk and in other parts of the room as well.

Lastly, enjoy yourself! After all, you are working at home without a boss. So go get a cup of coffee whenever you want, or take a long lunch!

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