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As you will probably know by now, I'm Anthony - a regular guy from Michigan. I started my life the usual way - school, college, job I didn't enjoy, etc. At the age of 24 I was married, by 27 I had two beautiful kids. By the age of 32 I was so heavily in debt I considered suicide - but I couldn't leave my family to fend for themselves, not that I was doing a very good job of taking care of them.

Now, at the 'ripe old' age of 35 I have 'retired' from conventional work - any work I do now is for the sole benefit of myself and my family. But that barely adds up to two hours per day!

It was at the point of my deepest despair that I ran into an old school buddy - I was on my way to see my Bank Manager; he had sent a representative to the house as I had stopped answerin his letters and calls. Robert, as we shall refer to him as for the purpose of protecting his identity, had always been a friendly guy and we struck up a conversation immediately. It turned out that he was on his way to the local Cadillac dealership to pick up a new Escalade - his Dad's Christmas present, he told me.

I was gobsmacked - this guy was the same age as me (give or take a month or two) and he was buying his Father an SUV worth many thousands of dollars - I felt ashamed, embarrassed and worthless all at the same time. He saw, I think, the look of despair in my face and asked me how I was doing. I told him. He said he was sorry - we exchanged numbers and addresses, shook hands and went our seperate ways.

Two weeks later, I saw Robert again - it was Christmas Day. He had come to the house. He said that he had brought me something and that he wanted to help me out of my predicament. I didn't see how he could, but I listened because I had so little, nothing in fact, to lose.

Robert had brought me a copy of 'The Rich Jerk - Make Money Online'. I laughed - I probably shouldn't have been so rude, but I nothing about earning a living on the internet. Boy how things change.

Robert told me, without discussing the crude subject of actual figures, about his success and how quickly he had achieved it. I told him that the POS computer that we had for the kids (who were at that time 7 & 5) wasn't much good - he said that was fine and in a few weeks I would be able to buy a better one. I decided to give it a go. I a couple of days after New Year I made an appointment to see the Bank Manager an tell him of my new venture and how I would be straightening out my financial affairs - he laughed (just as I had done when Robert gave me a copy of his 'E-Business Bible', as he called it). Within 5 weeks there was a regular flow of cash into my account - I called the Bank to make another appointment to see the Manager. This time, he took me a little more seriously - he said that if I could keep up this level of earning, he was prepared to switch my debt to a different borrowing plan (one usually reserved for peple with good credit) which had lower interest rates - he could see I was trying - I returned three months later; my monthly earnings had tripled. The Bank Manager was as good as his word and consolodated my loans into a new plan at a much lower rate of interest. Whilst, at the time, I was very grateful - I could now see a glimmer of light at the end of a very long tunnel - he eally needn't have bothered as, within the first nine months of operating an internet business, using the Rich Jerk's methods, I had repaid all of the money I owed to the Bank. All $69,000 of it. I still feel sick when I think about how much money I owed. God knows, I was worried.

I hope that this article has given you hope - if only a tiny amount. For where there is a will, there is always hope.

For any of you out there considering embarking on a home business, this is certainly worth trying - I nearly didn't. I'm very glad I did now.

I know it sounds ridiculous - I mean 'The Rich Jerk'; who would call himself that? Well basically, this guy is extremely rich and yes, he is a bit of a jerk - don't be offended by his tone or manner, though - the information he has to share saved my family and probably my life.

If you're interested in achieving financial freedom, have a look at the link below - just remember friend, don't do anything rash - I so nearly did. Have hope.

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