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Online Payment Options

If you own a web site that sells products, then you know how difficult it is to find a payment option that fits all of your customers. Many people like the convenience of some online payment options but feel that some customers may feel alienated by the need to sign up and be a member to purchase your product. Here are some tips on finding an online payment option that will work great for your site.

Paypal is perhaps the largest online payment option available. Paypal which does accept all major credit cards as well as the ability to have a Paypal account does have a few drawbacks. In order to use Paypal, you need to have an account with them. Lots of people don't want to sign up to another site, just to use their credit card. They want to pay for their product fast and easy without the hassle of additional information being requested. The other drawback to Paypal is that there are a lot of spoof emails that are threatening the legitimacy of this company. Many people each day are receiving emails that are requesting their Paypal information. These emails are spoof emails from criminals trying to steal your identity to gain access to your financial accounts.

Small Merchant Accounts are also a way for online merchants to get paid online. They accept all types of credit cards and are very easy to use. Unfortunately, many of these accounts require a long contract period and a minimum sale each month. For instance, if you are starting out and in two months you close down your website, you will still have to pay a monthly fee for the remainder of the contract. If you do not sell any products during this time you will also have to pay a non use fee. This can become very costly.

Western Union online also allows money to be transferred on the web. Many people have been transferring money internationally over the years with the help of Western Union. If you sell overseas, this might be a great way to conduct business. Western Union can be more expensive than other options depending on the amount of the sale and destination of the money, but it does give you another option to make a sale.

So if you would like to receive payments from online customers check out the above resources and continue to grow your online business.

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