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Finding and Purchasing Tax Foreclosure Properties

Buying property may seem like a simple enough task, but it's not just about where it is sitting. Buying property also means receiving a huge mortgage, and a mortgage can become a very daunting bill. A mortgage is made up of a few different aspects: the principal, interest rates, fees, and of course taxes. Just because you pay one part of the mortgage off doesn't always mean anything - there will still probably other aspects that need handled.

Paying taxes is an absolute must or your property may be seized, and taxes must be paid on both the actual mortgage and the property tax, annually. If the property becomes seized by the government it becomes known as a tax foreclosure. Seeing Through The Fog Investors can actually turn misfortune into profit by purchasing tax foreclosures. By buying low priced property that has been forced into a short sale, investors can get much more bang for their buck. As an investor, it's very important to use some common sense and past experience when purchasing tax foreclosure properties. You don't want to bite off more than you can chew, or buy something you may regret later on.

Use Your Head There are free listings of tax foreclosures all over the real estate industry. You can specialize in just one area or search through properties all over the United States. Be prepared to do a lot of traveling if you go the latter route, especially if the property you want is listed as being sold "as is" or "where is" basis. Never assume - always inspect carefully any property on tax foreclosure lists you want to buy.

Also, in this inspection, you need to see if people are still living on the property - whether as renters or as the former soon-to-be-kicked-out owners. The previous owners might not be willing to accept that they lost their home to the IRS. Before you buy, be sure you know who has to do the evicting. Keep in mind that angry evictees may inflict some property damage before they depart.

You also need to research the history of the property and land it's on to find out if it has had a dodgy past, such as having its roof blown off in a tornado. That repaired roof needs to be doubly inspected to be sure it won't cause costly problems for you later on. You can find out the information at the court houses of the county the property is located on.

Sometimes (but not always) real estate agencies will provide you with the property's history for free.

Whether you are looking to stop foreclosure on your property or to make money buying foreclosures, you can't afford to not visit

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