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Get the True Meaning of REIT and Dow Jones in the Stock Markets

The acronym for a real estate investment trust is a REIT. According to the National Institute of Real Estate Investment Trusts 190 REITs are currently registered with the SEC and trade on one or more of the New York Stock Exchanges. There are over 900 REITS that are privately held companies. The influence of the REIT has seen increased interests to investors for providing income and a compliment to their portfolio of stocks and bonds.

Because of the intricacies of the real estate market and commercial property in particular the investor should consult with a qualified REIT broker or investment advisor. Lists of REITs are available through Morningstar or may be reviewed on-line at the National Institute of Real Estate Investment Trusts. It should also be remembered that REITs are available for nearly all of the world real estate markets.

In many parts of the world, China, Asia, Europe and Dubai the real estate market in both commercial and residential income property is sizzling. There is stability in these parts of the world for some hefty returns for investors. What is the Dow Jones industrial average? The Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA), is the top 30 Blue Chip stock whose performance is averaged each day of trading on the stock market.

The components of the Dow Jones Industrial Average reads like "a who is who" in the stock market. McDonald's Company is also on the road to recovery after a slump in 2005. Their healthy diet adjustments have improved the overall out look on the stock. It is currently trading at the high $40 range and should easily go higher.

This last group has a significant influence in the financial world. It may have some exposure to current angst in the stock market, but some are well positioned for any rocky road. The most stellar include, American International Group Inc.

(AIG), American Express Company, JP Morgan & Chase & Company, and Citigroup Inc. It is hard to imagine a more stellar group of major players with such influence on the world economy and influence. A mixed bag indeed, but there common thread is there gargantuan influence on the Dow Jones Industrial Average. All of the low to medium priced stocks may be purchased individually or in a mutual fund or index fund. As you can see the overall rise and fall of small percentages in this market indicator requires a closer look at the components and sectors. And the technology stocks in the Dow Jones Industrial are Average.

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