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How To Create Your MLM Prospecting System

One of the most important aspects of your MLM business is generating prospects. Without prospects, you have no leads, resulting in no downline growth, ultimately ending in your MLM business fizzling out, and dying on you. You may already be aware of the importance that prospects are in your MLM business, but at the same time you may be wondering how people in your upline manage to find quality prospects easily, while you struggle tooth and nail in order to get just one. The difference between you and prospecting superstars in your MLM business may be that they have mastered a prospecting system.

The good news is that a prospecting system is easier to create than you think. Components Of A Prospecting System Your prospecting system should be comprised of four steps, taken one after another. There are no hard rules on how you achieve these steps. However, they must be followed in a sequence. By skipping steps, or starting with the last step first, you will be no better off than when you didn't have any system in place. So let's take a look at these steps, in order.

Seeking The first step in your system is to seek out people to talk to. You need to find no less than one person each day to talk to about your business. So your first step is to put yourself into daily positions where you are in contact with large numbers of people that you have the opportunity to communicate with. Seeking out someone to talk to isn't really that hard.

If you are a parent, seek other parents at the school yard, if you go shopping, try seeking out people who are waiting in line at the supermarket. Everywhere you go, see it as an opportunity to find interested prospects to talk to. Exposure Your next step is to expose the person to an idea.

This should be a brief example that takes around 30 seconds. At this point, you want to interest your prospect enough for them to want to lean more. Don't give away the whole story to your prospect right there at the shopping center, just offer them the opportunity to learn more if they are interested. At the exposure step, you can also use some handy MLM tools, such as CD's, brochures, or even DVDs that are emotionally charged, but brief, and to the point. Your prospect can take these things home, watch them, and contact you for more information if they are interested in the business opportunity or products that you are offering. At this stage, you are weeding out those who are interested in listening to more about the business from those who are not interested at all.

Sorting In the sorting process, you will be sorting your contacts, or prospects that you have come across daily into two groups. Those who are open to new ideas and interested in what you have to say, and those who are closed to new ideas, and are not interested in your message. This is a vital step in your system, as you don't want to waste efforts on those who aren't interested instead of spending time with prospects who are really interested in your MLM opportunity. Those who are open to ideas, and willing to listen to you, deserve your time, and effort. These are the people that you will be taking note of, and moving them on to the next step of the system. One of the easiest ways to weed out the interested people from those who are not interested is to ask them questions such as, did the promotional material you gave them make any sense, did they enjoy the CD you gave them, or had they watched the DVD, and did they have any questions about it.

The responses that you receive from these questions will give you an answer on what the person is thinking, and if they are interested enough in the opportunity to progress to the last step. Filtering Your last step is to filter those who want to learn more about the opportunity now, and those who are mildly interested, but not ready to learn more at this stage. The prospects who are ready to progress further with the opportunity need to be introduced to your MLM upline system, and shown a presentation on how the MLM business works, and the types of products and services that are available to them. For those who are mildly interested, but not willing to progress to the next step of the MLM opportunity, you need to file them away for now, and follow up on them later on with a phone call. Before filing away a prospect, make sure to ask their permission to keep in contact with them, and keep them updated on the opportunity. By following these four steps, you are able to seek out people, expose them to your message, and sort out those who are interested, filter the ones out who are ready to learn more about the opportunity, and are ready to take part.

By implementing this prospecting system, you keep on top of the prospecting process, and teach you how to use your time to your best advantage.

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