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How To Double Your Income From Your MLM Leads

Should you join more than one MLM opportunity? This has been a hotly debated topic among MLM trainers. Some say yes and some say no. There are legitimate reasons on both sides of the debate. Let's examine them. Those who say that you should only promote one MLM opportunity are generally the old school phone and in person MLM people. They do have a legitimate concern.

If you are promoting more than one opportunity your prospect will get confused and your sales message will get diluted resulting in little to no downline in either opportunity. Those MLM experts that are in favor of joining multiple companies are generally the internet recruiters who point out that by joining multiple companies, you can make multiple sales off of the same lead and you can in fact make more money. So, should you join more than one company or not? Both sides have legitimate concerns. Yes, you can join more than one MLM company, but it must be done carefully.

There are several people within the MLM industry that are on the leaderboard in multiple opportunities, so yes it can be done. The way to do it is by promoting yourself first before the opportunity. As you build an email list, you can make multiple offers to your list and that includes multiple MLM programs. If you are directly promoting your pre made MLM corporate website, you will lose focus and you will fail in both opportunities. If you do not have the ability to make a mailing list, the next best solution is to use one of the many pre made downline builders on the market today. New software has resulted in an explosion in downline builders.

If you have the time and expertise, you will make the most money by creating your own downline builder program. However, most people do not have the time or expertise to make their own downline builder. If that is the case, then you should plug into one of many solutions already on the market. Talk to your upline to see what program they recommend. If they don't know of one, search around and you will quickly find several to choose from. Once you have a downline builder that you like, you should then recommend that your team join the downline builder as well.

By having your team all on the same downline builder, you will have access to a common training system, make more money and have greater duplication. Plugging into a downline builder is something that even newbies can do, which will result in greater success and lower downline turnover. As you can see, you can make money with multiple MLM programs if you choose wisely and plug into existing systems. When you do this well, your income will soar.

Carlos Scarpero is the host of the Network Marketing Minute podcast and is the creator of Success Duplicator, a free tool that will help you increase your personal enrollments by at least 20 reps per month and eliminate downline attrition. Learn more about this free tool at

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