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testing for anabolic steroids part

Immuno Assay (IA) This test involves certain antibodies that will attach themselves to specific drugs or it detects illegal substances through the metabolites they produce through their contact with the body. The reliability of the test is down to the antibody that is chosen as it could attach itself to something that is similar to but not an illegal substance, indicating an incorrect result. This would be a rare occurrence, through.

This would be what is called a false positive result. Immunoassay has produced false positives with some decongestants and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. Therefore, if you know immunoassay is being used to test your sample, avoid these two classes of drugs prior to the event. Types of Immunoassay: The two preferred IA techniques used today are Radio immunoassay (RIA) and fluorescence polarisation immunoassay (FPIA). RIA is administered in detecting certain 17-alpha-methyl, 17-alphaethyl, and 19-nortesterone anabolic steroids.

The enzyme Multiplied immunoassay technique (EMIT) is the best performer; so if you aren't certain which of the tests will be used, then concentrate on beating EMIT. If you fail the EMIT test, then you will probably be given the very sensitive GC/MS test, just as confirmation. PharmChek: This is a form of patch which is worn for about a week or so and will absorb your sweat and consequently detect any possible illegal substances contained in it. You cannot tamper with the patch and it is not currently known how accurate the test results really are.

TestCup: This is another test where we have been left in the dark but consists of a specially designed cup which handles urine samples. It comes with a type of indicator which changes colour as it reacts to certain illegal substances that are present. Cheating the Most common Test -the EMIT: This consists of knowing which test is going to be used for which drug in your next event.

If you know the time that the drug will no longer be detectable for the relevant test after coming off it, you can just imply that time-scale on coming off the drug before the event. Quite simple really. Here below are the detection times for certain drugs: Drug Approx. Detection time in urine using EMI Amphetamines 2 to 4 days, Clenbuterol 2 to 4 days - detectable at 0.5ng/ml by GC/MS Nicotine No reliable data.

Quite a long time as nicotine is fat soluble. Peptide hormones (like insulin, g/hormone and IGF-1), non detectable Anabolic steroids Oral steroids: 2 weeks and Injectable: 1 month. Important Note 1: The previously stated clearance times are not accurate for everybody as it all depends on each individual and how long their body takes to get the drug out of their system.

They are good rough estimates. Important Note 2: Anabolic steroids can be tested for by RIA, HPLC, and GC/MS, in addition to EMIT. In order to pass a GC/MS or HPLC test, allow yourself longer in general for the drug to clear your system than it would for an EMIT test.

Any drug can be tested for by GC/MS. Remember, drug clearance times vary from person to person. Important Notes 3/4 on Dreaded Deca.

The very bad news with this anabolic steroid is that it is still detectable in your body for nearly 18 months after the last you used it. But when it comes to growth hormone or insulin, it's very good news as there is no known test for it in athletics, so you can use even up to the same day as your event without getting caught. One way to speed up the removal rate of any drug from your system is easy.

You just have to speed up your metabolism by training harder with weights so you end up killing 2 birds with one stone to get stronger. If it's fatty soluble drugs that you need to dilute quicker you should train harder with aerobic type exercises which will increase the breakdown of fats in the body, removing the stored drugs from their fatty stores. An increased caloric intake, coupled with a greater number of total meals throughout the day will also boost your metabolism, and increase drug clearance. The method you use will depend on your contest goals and the drugs you have taken.

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