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Why Your Florida Home Should Be A Poured Solid Concrete Home

Most home buyers know that homes built of solid concrete are stronger than homes built of most other building materials. While that is a solid advantage of buying or building a concrete home, there are many other benefits to building with concrete, and especially steel reinforced, poured concrete, that the average Florida home buyer may not be aware of. Aside from obtaining the safety, durability and security that only solid concrete can provide, concrete homes are also able to withstand hurricane and tornado force winds, are resistant to heat, fire, water damage, wood rot and insect infestation. Maximum energy efficiency can be obtained in a solid concrete home; you can do your part to help the environment and reduce the strain on rapidly depleting natural resources simply by purchasing a solid concrete home. Built strong for the concerned Florida home buyer With very active hurricane seasons in 2004-2005, and yet another active season expected in 2006, it is not surprising that the majority of Florida residents and those seeking to re-locate to Florida have hurricanes at the forefront of their minds. It is smart and responsible to be concerned about and prepared for hurricanes.

But this doesn't mean that you have to avoid living in Florida in order to be safe from severe weather. It's no coincidence that solid, steel reinforced concrete is the most widely used building material for safe rooms and disaster shelters. If you build or purchase a home made with steel-reinforced concrete, you are greatly increasing the odds of your home withstanding a Category 4 hurricane like Katrina or Rita. Recent tests conducted in simulated 250 mile per hour winds, with projectiles traveling at speeds of up to 100 miles per hour, showed that solid concrete homes were able to withstand these conditions and remain structurally intact.

Solid concrete construction offers water tight protection against leaks and mildew that are often a consequence of storm damage. Fire safety Solid, poured concrete homes are also resistant to heat and fire. This type of concrete will not burn, soften or bend. Solid, poured concrete walls are dense and joint free, which prevents the spread of fire.

Concrete offers a huge advantage over wood framed homes in the event of a fire, as fire is not able to spread as quickly through a concrete home. This gives the concrete home owner valuable time to get themselves and their loved ones to safety should a fire break out. A break for the environment and your wallet Energy costs have spiked to unprecedented levels of late, and there is no relief in sight. A solid concrete home uses thermal mass and light reflectivity to maximize energy efficiency. By absorbing heat during the higher daytime temperatures and releasing the accumulated heat during the cooler evening hours, the concrete home will be less expensive to cool in the summer and heat in the winter. If you want a home that is environmentally friendly, then concrete is the building material for you! If you are concerned about the environment, then poured concrete is the building material for you.

Concrete is made from some of the most plentiful resources on this planet, and there are no toxic bi-products. The concrete industry also recycles and reclaims materials throughout the concrete manufacturing process. Due to global demand for wood and a limited supply, wood prices for builders and home buyers are some of the highest ever. Using a material that is in high demand but has a slow renewal process also has a greater impact on the overall environment.

Concrete solves this problem by using abundant and readily available materials! Minimal waste generated by the construction of concrete homes also reduces the impact on area landfills. Minimal maintenance costs With a solid concrete home, the home owner never has to worry about wood rot. This is often a very expensive repair for wood framed home owners. Since concrete is an unappealing material to insects such as termites, concrete homes will not require expensive extermination treatments due to insect infestation. Poured concrete: the beauty of strength Since concrete can be poured into any shape, the design possibilities for your new Florida home are endless. Concrete can also be covered with your choice of beautiful exterior materials, including wood, stone, brick, siding and stucco.

Interior walls and floors can be covered with all standard flooring and wall covering materials. Energy efficient, environmentally friendly concrete construction makes for a sound investment in your future and your environment. Tough, resilient, well made, sturdy, hard wearing, durable concrete provides the safety, security and protection that home buyers are looking for.

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