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Work from Home with a Pedagogical Plan

Who is starting a work from home come across with a pedagogical question: how to implement a plan of study and learning of a new business? What to study? What to read? The biggest challenge is to undertake a plan of learning for the proper hands. What it is in game is the designs for self instruction. The idea of self instruction is crucial for the education in the distance, or learning in the distance, not at classroom. It means by the interaction with a machine. It is different of conventional education, where the interactions between teachers and students, and the students and them selves promote the permanently motivation. In the self instruction the success of the student depends over all, on the student motivation and its conditions of work.

Generally, in the conventional education, the student is not lead to make its planning of study, plan of goals. And without a plan of goals the apprentice leads its life without an appropriate direction. Michel Serres, French philosopher, said that education is to teach somebody to leave of being parasite of the other. And more is to teach the autonomy, to make with that the people always do not need the assistance of the mother, of the father, brother, neighbor, of the other.

It is to become the citizen capable to sign on account proper contract, to give in the same measure that receives, to be in symbiosis by himself. And with no symbiosis become the abusive being, parasite. The success of the newbie at Internet marketing is the success of who teach him also.

But the newbie teacher is not physically present. It means that either must have a pedagogical plan to communicate between them. And most of the time the newbie will be interacting with a machine, a program, or a softer ware. I have to say it again: the success of the newbie at Internet marketing is the success of who teach him also. Good programs bring the harvest time, I mean good Downline leaders. Not parasite one.

Well, the next question is: where do you get a pedagogical plan? The bad news is you will not find it as soon as you can. It does not exist anywhere. You will have to make it by yourself. And the good news is: it is fully and legitimately possible.

The mainly thing to do is to make research. Yes, you have to research a lot, looking for a way to you positioned at this fantastic business. It is competitive, do not forget.

Read articles, go in forums, setup a web site to promote your product and pay attention on your own history. It is very important. See that I do not say that a newbie needs to understand about HTML code or being an expert of design a web site. No experience is necessary here.

A pedagogical plan must be flexible. For instance, if you want a new black BMW car, but you get a blue it does not mean you did not get your goals. Flexibility is necessary to be on road of the success. For a pedagogical plan your expected result is your VISION. The problem is that most of us do not have a crystal clear vision of where we want to be in life.

We have learned to just get by. Usually we are not trained in school or by our parents to be millionaires. We are not trained to have time freedom and money freedom. The real vision for most people in life is to work their jobs living paycheck to paycheck. That is being nothing more than a parasite. I invite you to rethink your learning support, by building meanings to your action.

Do not do it just for do it. You and me must take action, but inside a meaning pedagogical plan.

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